“..VMware users approached us looking for ways to achieve  cost effective High Availability as they began the early stages of  virtualization….”

StorMagic, a leading  provider of enterprise class virtual storage for virtual-server  environments, today announced a High Availability virtual server  solution for VMware ESXi extending to vSphere Essentials.


StorMagic’s High Availability option for ESXi will be a standardized  feature with its acclaimed virtual storage appliance (VSA) the SvSAN.  Designed as an affordable alternative to physical storage, SvSAN became  popular as a virtual shared storage solution for server virtualization  environments, enabling VMware vSphere features such as High  Availability, vMotion and DRS.


Many VMware users approached us looking for ways to achieve cost  effective High Availability as they began the early stages of  virtualization. We felt that our SvSAN could be enhanced to provide a  VMware based solution for them versus the alternative of going to  another platform.” said Hans O’Sullivan CEO at StorMagic.


SvSAN’s High Availability enables ESXi users to achieve affordable HA  for virtual machines with or without vCenter. In combination with the  SvSAN’s web based management tool, this lowers the cost and complexity  of entry into virtualization.

“It’s the SvSAN’s flexibility that generates so much interest as a  solution for multi-site environments. Now with SvSAN’s new HA  management functionality for Virtual Machines, customers can begin to  enjoy the benefits of virtualization at an affordable cost,” explains Richard Forrest, Director of Sales at StorMagic.

StorMagic’s SvSAN HA functionality is currently available as a Beta  with the full release due mid-September. Existing customers with support  contracts in place will be able to upgrade at no additional cost.