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Admittedly, its extremely frustrating when you've synchronized several attributes from Active Directory (or another source) into Workspace ONE Access and the Admin Console only shows a bare minimum of attributes.


Screen Shot 04-29-20 at 10.21 AM.PNG


So how do I see all my attributes?  Unfortunately the answer typically requires the use of Postman.  I'm going to show you a quick little trick to see all your attributes without using Postman.


Step 1: Search for your User

In the top right corner of the admin console, you will see a search box. Enter the your username here and hit enter:


Note: This procedure requires you to search for the user as opposed to going to User & Groups and selecting a user.


In the search results, select your user:


Step 2: Copy/Edit your URL

Take a look at the URL, it should look something like this (including a Path variable):


Replace "/admin/userGroups?path=/users/" with "/jersey/manager/api/scim/Users/"


Now your URL should like something like this:


Click Enter


Step 3: View your Results


You should see a result set that contains all your attribute data:


Step 4: Format your Results (Optional)


This step is completely optional and makes your response easier to read.  I like to use Notepad++ with the JSON Viewer Plugin.


I'm currently using this JSON Viewer

A JSON viewer plugin for notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view.

Author: Kapil Ratnani



Paste your response into Notepad++.


From the plugins menu - Click JSON Viewer -> Format JSON


You should now see your results in an easier to read format: