If you have configured Okta as a 3rd Party IDP in Workspace ONE you might have noticed that the "Logout" function in Workspace ONE doesn't log you out of your Okta session. The reason for this is that Okta does not include the "SingleLogoutService" by default in the metadata that is used when creating the 3rd Party IDP in Workspace ONE.


There are a couple extra steps that you need to do to enable this functionality. Before you begin, please make sure you download your signing certificate from Workspace ONE.


  1. Log into Workspace ONE
  2. Click on Catalog -> Settings (Note: Don't click the down arrow and settings)
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 10.55 AM.PNG
  3. Click on SAML Metadata
  4. Scroll down to the Signing Certificate and Click Download
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.01 AM.PNG

Now you will need to log into your Okta Administration Console.

  1. .Under Applications -> Click on the Workspace ONE application that you previously created
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.04 AM.PNG
  2. Click on the General Tab
  3. Under SAML Settings -> Click Edit
  4. Click Next
  5. Click on "Show Advanced Settings"
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.06 AM.PNG
  6. Enable the Checkbox that says "Enable Single Logout"
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.07 AM.PNG
  7. Under "Single Logout URL", enter:  "https://[WS1Tenant]/SAAS/auth/saml/slo/response"
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.09 AM.PNG
  8. Under SP Issuer, copy the value you have configured for Audience URI (SP Entity ID). This value should be: "https://[WS1Tenant]/SAAS/API/1.0/GET/metadata/sp.xml"
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.12 AM.PNG
  9. Under "Signature Certificate", browse to the location you downloaded the Workspace ONE certificate in the previous steps.
  10. Click Upload Certificate
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Finish
  13. Click on the "Sign On" tab
  14. Click on Identity Provider Metadata
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.15 AM.PNG
  15. You will notice that your Identity Provider Metadata now includes the SingleLogoutService:
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.19 AM.PNG
  16. Copy this metadata.


Now switch back to Workspace ONE


  1. Go to Identity & Access Management
  2. Click on Identity Providers
  3. Click on your Okta 3rd Party IDP you previously created
  4. Paste your new Okta Metadata and click "Process IdP Metadata"
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.22 AM.PNG
  5. Scroll down to "Single Sign-out Configuration" and check "Enable". (Note: Make sure the other two values are left blank)
    Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.24 AM.PNG

Now you should be able to logout from Workspace ONE and be signed out of both solutions.


Screen Shot 04-17-19 at 11.25 AM.PNG