Many promising start-ups fail abruptly due to poor quality applications. Software development companies face growing challenges in order to meet tough deadlines. Moreover, they have to maintain product quality as well. In the past, companies used to take months to deliver applications but with the advent of current technological advances, release times are shorter than ever before. IT companies invest time and money into setting up quality assurance teams. Whether it is a start-up or an organization, hiring an independent software testing company is the right choice to make.


Setting up a QA department is not a viable option for most companies. Let’s have a look at the top five reasons why organizations should invest in an independent service provider:


1. The Testing Skill Set

Let’s talk about first things first. As an entrepreneur or business executive, the first question that comes to mind is when to avail such services? Well, quality assurance is not an easy thing to do and neither do all IT companies have the skills and tools to perform these tests efficiently. They lack resources, time, and expertise as well. Thus, when new in business, a startup shouldn’t mind hiring software testing services.


2. The Effects of Business Processes on Quality

Due to product release deadlines, developers often fail to focus on other projects. Too often the business’ own processes are time taking that affect software quality adversely. But if companies hire an independent QA testing company, their services can fill this gap between quality and timely delivery of the project.


3. The Lack of Expertise

Market leaders in the IT industry leverage their own software testing mechanisms to achieve fast delivery of products. However, this is not possible for small and medium-sized companies. QA testers working for such businesses do not have their hands-on extensive testing tools and techniques which limits their expertise. So, looking for an external source for software testing is the only choice they are left with. Moreover, expert software testing companies use a broad range of tools to enhance software quality.


4. The Cut Down on Costs

An IT business should also choose to outsource testing to an independent company if the cost of testing is too high in their region. Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution, that doesn’t end up increasing the overall cost of the product.


5. The Guarantee from Quality Assurance

It is obvious that hiring an independent company means that testing services come with a guarantee. On the contrary, even if a business sets up their own QA teams, there is no guarantee that such an initiative will work. So, businesses consider hiring services of an independent testing company for better results.


With the growing digital world and number of devices, testing has become a vital part of the software development process. Businesses today must invest extensively and leverage testing efforts to earn profits and maintain their reputation in the industry.