This year was certainly an unprecedented, and albeit unEXPECTedly, lucrative conference for me. Whoever says they don't believe in luck, chance, and coincidence should re-evaluate their belief systems.




As I mention in a prior post, my name was drawn from a hat to win the Ultimate vSphere Reference Library. I met up with @gregwstuart today to conduct an interview and to collect my winnings. I will post the video when Greg sends it to me.



Here's a photo:



(not pictured: Windows 7, vDestination mousepad)



Big thanks to all of the authors and providers involved, and to @gregwstuart and @vDestination for putting together such a wonderful contest.



Follow him: @gregwstuart







As if that were not enough, I then won an iPad from NetApp simply by wearing their hat all week, and being COINCIDENTALLY LUCKY enough to bump into Keith Aasen, a camera man, and a beautiful woman carrying a microphone. They all turned to me and I thought maybe they just wanted to interview me about the conference. The Keith asks, "So have you won anything from NetApp yet?" While I was trying to remember exactly what they were giving away, Keith was holding this:






Youtube video here @ 2:25






And we're not done yet. For the past two years, Kingston has been bringing a professional Guitar Hero player to their booth. Her name is Annie Leung and is known as the "best female Guitar Hero Player in the world." In the booth, you can play against her for a chance to win a 64GB SSD hard drive from Kingston. I tried to keep up on guitar, but just couldn't hang, even though I always play on Expert. So, I thought I would try something unique, and challenge her to a hard Bass track that I had really gotten good at: "2 Minutes to Midnight" by Iron Maiden.



While ultimately, she beat me, I definitely gave her a run for her money. In the end, I received a 64GB SSD hard drive for my efforts.



Annie, thanks for an awesome match. Come find me on XBL for a match anytime. XBL name: krackmnky



You can follow Annie on Twitter and visit her YouTube channel.



This is all above and beyond a year's worth of tshirts, new backpack, badass PowerCLI reference poster, several cool ballcaps, and a lifetime's worth of new friends.



What a conference. So rewarding in every way, shape, and form. And I am eternally grateful for having been a part of such a milestone of a conference.