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The Laughing Virtual Buddha

Posted by lbourque Apr 19, 2009


For the longest time I had pondering writing a blog here at VMware but have put it off for a variety of reasons. While I have a few personal blogs I thought it was time to venture and talk about what I do. Basically, I talk. I spend my days talking about VI3 and View (more recently it's been all View). I have to say that moving from a role in GSS (Burlington) to Technical Trainer (NYC) has been fun and a challenge. When I first got into VDM last year, I was a little hesitant about how well it would go over. With the advent of View (and what is yet to come), I've become -- yet again -- a convert over one of our products (the previous one was Converter when first introduced -- besides the mainstream of VI and Workstation/Fusion).



It is because of being exposed regularly to products that I find glee in what I do. Give me a few moments and start me off on View and I'll go nonstop. I know nowhere near everything about View but there again lies what is wonderful about what we do: you'll never be bored because there is always something new to learn. 


“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” -- Buddha (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)





And one of the things I love about what I do is that I can play and break... errr.. test many of products. While a lot of what is created works wonderfully, it's when it doesn't work exactly as expected or when we try to kludge it outside of the box that we learn the most. In some recent tests, we (myself and some colleagues) found that because of Windows has a default 5 minute wait to find all hardware it can interfere with the deployment of the UDD (persistent pools) properly (redirection of My Documents to something other than C:). Although View says it's ready for the user, Windows will not have finished the redirection and hardware detection. There's a workaround for this by doing the following. In the Master VM, open regedt32 (backup the registry before you muck about with anything) and go to:






And create a DWORD called PnPTimeout. Switch the value to Decimal and put in a value in seconds (60 seconds should be enough). Power off the master and then create a snapshot with the new registry entry. Deploy your linked clones and users should be redirected to the new path (MyDocuments).  I won't lay credit to creating this fix or knowing about it but it's definitely something that you should have in place for your Master VM for linked clone persistent pools. 






And now to get ready for a View Class in Ottawa. chuckle at the sun






If you want to find me on twitter to ask a question, you can find me at



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