Last week Chris Wolf moderated a debate on virtual platform performance between myself and Simon Crosby, CTO of Citrix.  A recording of the debate was put online shortly after its conclusion.


Simon and I disagreed on a few issues and demonstrated different strategies in the discussion.  My goal in representing the fine efforts of our performance team was to show to the audience VMware's commitment to product performance.  This commitment is demonstrated through a never ending series of benchmark publications and continual product improvement.  In the years since I joined VMware we have quantified ESX's ability to serve web pages (SPECweb), enable massive numbers of database transactions (TPC-C, with disclaimers), and establish industry leadership in consolidated workloads (VMmark).  As we released these and dozens of other numbers, Citrix has remained silent on its own product's performance.


I was pleased that the event's format gave me the opportunity to discuss our accomplishments.  My only regret was that I lacked the time to dispense with the most important of several factual inaccuracies from Simon.  At one point in the discussion Simon claimed that VMmark is not run by anyone except VMware.  In fact, it is closer to the truth to say that VMmark is run by everyone except VMware.  A quick view of the VMmark results page will show results from every major server vendor, with no submissions from VMware.


Thanks to the Burton Group and Chris Wolf for letting me participate.  It was a pleasure.