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At VMworld Europe 2009 my engineering colleague Chethan Kumar and I presented the results of a six-month investigation into the performance of SQL Server on ESX.  Tomorrow (May 12 at 09:00 PDT) we're going to offer an updated version of this session to the general public.  If you have any interest in virtualized SQL Server deployments, please register and attend the presentation to discover what we learned in our investigation.


I provided some notes on that presentation in a blog entry (SQL Server Performance Problems Not Due to VMware) right after the show.  But the large numbers of attendees and exceptionally high ratings encouraged me to setup this encore session.  And since Chethan's research on SQL Server performance tuning has continued, we have some updates to the experimental results.


In tomorrow's webinar we will tell the story of our exploration into persistent rumors of SQL Server performance problems.  The search began after VMworld 2008 when I decided to engage every customer with a complaint on SQL Server performance.  At the same time Chethan investigated every possible application, operating system, and hypervisor parameter that could impact SQL performance.  I talked to dozens of customers and Chethan spent hundreds of hours on this work.


This presentation will detail the results of our investigation and leave its attendees with a clear understanding SQL performance on VMware.  Our conclusions are surprisingly simple and certain to help you get the most out of your virtual infrastructure.