The current VDIBlaster build works pretty well and on all the hardware I have tried it on (several HP nx and nc series laptops and DX2000 and DC7800 pcs). We tried it on a pretty old workstation (Kayak XU 800) and while VDIBlaster did boot it failed to connect via PCoIP probably because the workstation was underspecced). The latest build I downloaded is 20100430 and I must say the guys at DevonIT are trying hard to keep their product fully supported and updated. We successfully installed it on HD, which reduces the booting time by more than half respect to booting from USB key and even more respect to booting from a live CD (say around 20 seconds from hard disk and double from USB key). I would love a PXE-able version of VDIblaster, without the need of having any media at all on the client side, making it in my opinion an even more appetizable and solid product (no disk, no usb key, no cd on the client, nothing delicate left to break).


Managing it from the Thinmanage3 appliance is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of handling the profiles (while a prior build of VDIBlaster did have a bug and wouldn't be recognised by Thinmanage). All you have to do is configure the VIEW Manager IP and username and pwd is desired (if not it will ask it at connection) save it and the icon will appear on the desktop ready for connection.



Now based on the video card and CPU speed of the pc, the performance of course varies. With rather recent PCs (less than 3 years) the response is pretty good but you can see the difference respect to a Zero Client when watching full HD footages on more than 1024x768: a lot of frames are lost and it is not so fluid. Apart from this, using any office application is no problem, even with more dated PCs.



What is missing, and mind you is still missing also on the zero client when connecting to a VM, is isochronous USB support. I hope this will be introduced soon as it will render the VM a real equivalent to the physical machine. Without it for the moment Mass storage is supported (USB keys, external disks etc) but softwares such as PC Suite or hardwares such as webcams will not work. We'll keep you posted!