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We've been testing Leadtek VP200 Host and Portal (Teradici chipset) through VIEW Broker. As of today we have successfully connected through the following setups:


Zero Client (VP200P) -> Hardware Workstation (VP200H)

Zero Client (VP200P) -> Windows XP SP3 VM 32bit

Zero Client (VP200P) -> Windows 7 VM 32bit



Soft VIEW client -> Windows XP SP3 VM 32bit

Soft VIEW client -> Windows 7 VM 32bit

Soft VIEW client -> Hardware Workstation (VP200H) Partial success*



*We have had PARTIAL success connecting from a Soft VIEW client to a Hardware Workstation with VP200Host. The connection is setup sucessfully and the desktop is displayed but the soft client fails to interact with the target machine (no mouse or keyboard interaction). Selecting disconnect and logoff from the top menu works fine as does connecting USB devices though.



We used Teradici firmware 3.1.0 on both Host and Client and VIEW Agent 4.0.1, VIEW connection server and VIEW client both version 4.0.1 build 233023. At the time of writing, the VIEW Agent installs only on 32bit operating systems. This implies that brokering through VIEW Manager with Zero clients and hardware hosts works only with 32bit operating systems on target workstations. Naturally direct connections (zero client to hardware host without borkering) works on any operating system.