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C. Release Alpha/ Beta track app to Production

1. In the Google Play console, while your app is selected, go to Release Management\ App releases. In Alpha, select “Manage”.


2. Select “Release to Production” at the Release section.


3. You will see the new release to production page.


Scroll to the bottom and click “Save”, then “Review”.


4. Click “Start Rollout to Production”. This will release the Alpha/Beta apk to the Production track.


5. The Alpha (or Beta) track will now be empty and show it was promoted to Production.


In UEM, all the devices that have the Prod version assigned to it will see that the update is available on the Managed Play store.

In the case where the Alpha(Beta) track is superseded, devices in the Alpha (Beta) track will get the Production version of the app.

UEM currently whitelists the track it sees the device is first assigned to in UEM (following the priority in Assignments of the app in UEM). Refer to this post for a more detailed explanation of expected behavior.


Note: It may take time for any new version of the app uploaded in Play console (or via Workspace ONE in iFrame) to get automatically installed on the work profile. Refer to this Google article. To manually install the available update, end-user can go to the Managed Play store and see updates available in My work apps\ Updates section.


Manage app updates - Managed Google Play Help


Update Notes:

  1. v1: Jan 12, 2020
  2. v2: Updated section C with behavior after Alpha/ Beta promotion to production and app update behavior on device
  3. v3: Feb 13, 2020 - added link to new post explaining how UEM priorities work with Managed Play console tracks and versions