if you want to add a new vdisk (vmdk file) to a running virtual machine, you can do it via command line.


First, connect to the esxi host where is the placed the vm that you want to add a new vdisk/vmdk.


Then go to the datastore where you want to place the new vdisk/vmdk:

cd /vmfs/volumes/WhatEverDatastore/


Then create the vmdk file using vmkfstools:

vmkfstools -c 150G --diskformat zeroedthick vDisk.vmdk


Finally, add the new vdisk to the virtual machine:


First, get the vmid of the virtual machine:


vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms


With the vmid, add the vdisk/vmdk:


vim-cmd vmsvc/device.diskaddexisting 464 /vmfs/volumes/WhatEverDatastore/vDisk.vmdk 0 3



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P.D: If you want a linux virtual machine be able to detect the new vDisk, check this.