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In this post i will write some typical bugs associated to vmware server 2 and some recent linux boxes.


Mouse pointer bug 

If you are accessing a windows virtual machine using the vmware console from a recent linux box, maybe you have some weird problem with the mouse pointer in the lower right hand corner.


To fix this problem you have to export this variable in the environment just before starting Firefox:



It can be set (for example) this variable in the /etc/profile like this:



If you don't want to restart the user session,  run in a text console:

source . ./etc/profile


Finally run the firefox to access the vm's from the console and the issue should gone away.


If the above steps doesn't work, try doing exactly the same but with  VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_GTK=force

If anything of the above workarounds fix the issue, check this:


Keys problem

You are running vmware server 2 in a linux host  and from a linux client in the vmware console some keys doesn't work.


Then maybe this workaround is for you.


Add to the vmware server config file ( /etc/vmware/config or ~/.vmware/config ) this line:


xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true


Then restart the vmware server and the issue should gone away


VMWare server 2 install problems

Now i will explain some possible fixes to some issues related to the installation of vmware server 2 in recent linux boxes.

  • If you want to install vmware server 2 in a Ubuntu 9.04 without any problem, just check this.

  • You want to install vmware server in Ubuntu 9.10, fedora,  opensuse or any linux flavour with a 2.6.32 kernel version (you can check it runing "uname -r") then maybe this script is what are you looking for. Anyway if nothing of this works for you and your issue is related to kernel 2.6.32 and vmnet module compile error then maybe you should check this workaround.




Remote console error

If the remote console fail to open with this error and you are using Firefox 3.6, maybe downgrading to Firefox 3.5 fix the issue. The most reliable reason to this issue is can be Firefox 3.6 isn't compatible with the vmware remote console plug-in.


Anyway is a good idea not to use Firefox 3.6 with vmware server 2. But if you really want to use Firefox 3.6, maybe this helps you


Issue when running in a CentOS 5.4 host

If you are running vmware server 2.0.x in a CentOS 5.4 host maybe you're suffering some weird problems. There is a reported bug when using the glibc CentOS 5.4 package version 2.5-42. Then maybe you should check this to fix the issue.


How to install vmware server 2 in a CentOS 5.5 and not die trying

If you want to install vmware server 2 in a CentOS 5.5 in a succesful way, check this post.







since some time ago it's possible to run esx(i) inside a vmware Workstation. In others words, running the esx(i) host as a virtual machine.


To be able to run esx(i) virtual, the host where Workstation is running needs to accomplish some requirements because esx(i) runs as a 64 bit virtual machine.


If you use the Workstation 7.X or later, running esx(i) virtual is a lot of easy. Just select the "Vmware ESX" like the guest operating system when creating the virtual machine. Anything else is needed.


But if you use a older version than 7.X, some adjustments need to be done. Check this guides to learn how to do it:


Some interesting notes from vmware about running ESX(i) virtual.

Here more information about this topic.