In this post i would like to share and collect some (IMHO) interesting notes about the vmware's snapshots.


First, some knowledge about snapshots is needed. Here there are some useful links to gain it:


Introducction to vmware snapshots

More information about snapshots but in workstation and server.

KB about snapshots (entry level)

Another KB about snapshots (more advanced level)

Best practiques


One typical issue is when a vm has some snapshots but the snapshot manager don't see this snapshot(s). The fix usually is to create a dumb snapshot and just after delete it. Then all the snapshots disk(s) should consolidate. But remember that (pre 4.0 U2) some free extra space is needed on the vm's datastore to be able to do it in a successful way. Here is a KB that explains how to do it using service console's commands.


If the snapshot issue is/becomes weird, then some more advanced techniques must be used. Here is a list of useful links and tools to (maybe) have a successful fix:


KB: Consolidating snapshots

Troubleshooting snapshots

SnapVMX tool


We should already know that isn't a good practice to have running virtual machines with snapshots for a long time. We can use some method to monitor the snapshots  that are in our virtual vmware infrastructure.