It isn't a secret that the vmware server 2 web interface is some buggy.


Sometimes the web isn't displayed, then maybe the issue is fixed (in a linux host) just running the command

/etc/rc.d/init.d/vmware-mgmt restart


The above command restarts the services related to the vmware web services.


But maybe the issue isn't fixed with the previous command, then there are others problems that can be happening. Lets verify it carefully.


If in the host is enabled ipv6 and you don't need it, it is a good idea disable it. Just search the web to learn how to do it in your particular linux flavor.


When the cause of the issue is ipv6, usually the webAccess process dies quickly just after starting the vmware web services. You can check it just running this command:

ps -efw | grep webAccess


Is ipv6 enabled in my host? Just try running this two commands and if the netstat output shows some tcp6 port open or the ping works, then ipv6 is enabled and you must disable it:


netstat -lnp | grep tcp6

ping6 -c1 localhost


Another possibility is a malformed /etc/hosts file. The format must be similar to this (i guess this example will be easily understand):       localhost       hostname hostname.local.domain


or just this /etc/hosts file:       localhost       hostname



Ok, is all previous advices doesn't work and in the /var/log/vmware/webAccess/proxy.log this error appears:

SSL Handshake on client connection failed


then maybe the issue is in the firefox web browser (and maybe IE too). A quickly workaround can be use the Opera web browser to access the vmware server 2 web interface. It should work. Another fix is use firefox 3.5.X instead 3.6.


But is you want to use firefox 3.6, then you can set this in the firefox "about:config" configuration page:


security.enable.ssl2 from false into true


and the above workaround should fix the issue.



Anyway is any of this fixes and workarounds fix your issue, then open a discussion in the vmware server 2 community forum explaining the issue, the things you tried to resolve the problem and attach the host.log and proxy.log files taken from your /var/log/vmware vmware server 2 host directory.