If you want to check your hardware information or more details about your servers to do some operation like changing or increasing physical resources, you need to power-off or reboot the server to check the POST Process information. However because of being operational, you may not be able to do that. So there is a good command to help you in this situation: smbiosDump.

For instance to check your CPU, memory, NIC and Power configurations:

  1. smbiosDump | grep –A 4 ‘Physical Memory Array’  #Total Slot and Max Size of Memory
  2. smbiosDump | grep –A 12 ‘Memory Device’           #Type and Size of each Slot
  3. smbiosDump | grep –A 12 ‘CPU’                             #Processors Detail, Voltage,Clock & Cache
  4. smbiosDump | grep –A 4 ‘NIC’                                #Network Adapters and iLO  Details (HP)
  5. smbiosDump | grep –A 3 ‘Power’                            #Power Supply and Part Number


Source of content inside my personal blog: Undercity of Virtualization: Check VMware ESXi Hardware information by smbiosDump