In the first part of SDDC Design (based on VMware Validated Design Reference Architecture Guide) i want to speak more about VMware Software-Design Data-Center (SDDC) architecture and discussing about requirements and considerations. It's sensible reason that you always should regard capacity planning, scalability approach, extensibility potential and disaster recovery plan. Also there must be a design draft that will answer to business needs with intelligent and predictable solutions. Traditionally we called that “Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)” and finally SDDC has extended and varied usage of it. This structure included many layers and modules:   

1.      Physical Layer (Computing, Network and Storage) that is included servers and other resources for Tenant and Edge services.   

2.      Virtual Infrastructure Layer: Granting access and assigning control procedures on the physical layer (Hypervisors and SAN Storage) for provisioning and managing tenant virtual machines. Management tasks consist: Management of virtual infra, Cloud, SM, BC Solutions and Security areas will be performed on this layer.   

3.      Cloud Management Layer: All of service requests handling are leveraged by this layer and also SM, BC & Security components are related to the CM Layer.  

4.      Service Management (SM), regardless of IT Infrastructure type, has a key role in service provisioning and request responding. Also all of monitoring, log management and alerting operations belong to this layer.  

5.      Business Continuity (BC) considerations addition to Disaster Recovery (DR) plan act as a SLA guarantee to make sure your IT resources (Hardware/Virtual/Cloud) are always available and if each interruptions happen, there must be another way to make your IT environment online. Every Backup and Replication solutions belong to this section.  

6.      Security considerations will increase infrastructure consistency and it includes every tools and solutions to deal with most of Internal / External threats or attacks. On the other hand each modules and components belong to another layers, require some protective features. So this section is comprehensive part of SDDC design.


Source of Content inside my personal blog: Undercity of Virtualization: VMware SDDC Design Considerations - PART One: SDDC Layers