Application Session Pre-Launch feature greatly reduces the application launch time for end users.


Generally when user launches any RDSH application, Horizon client establishes the session with backend RDSH application with a message "Connection server is preparing your application" and then launches the application from it. This usually takes some time to load the application (Mostly under a minute or so).


With session pre-launch feature, Horizon client launches the session to RDSH application (Not application itself just session) even before user actually launches the application from Horizon client. So initial connection process is already done by the time user actually launches the application.


  • What does it mean?
  • Will it open Applications automatically for user?
  • How does it work exactly?
  • Does this work in cloud pod architecture?


To explore all these questions, we will setup RDS Farm settings and an application pool in Horizon with session pre-launch option set to enabled and Horizon client settings. By the way, I am using Horizon 7.7 in my test lab.


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