After attending Oracle Open World for five years running, I had missed the last three.  Instead I had been focusing my attention on VMworld.  But I got the chance to return to OOW this year to present in the VMware booth and spend time as a performance expert in the booth talking to customers.



There were two questions that came up over and over again and were asked much more than anything else:



Question number 1 - Is Oracle supported on VMware vSphere? The short answer is yes, everything is supported except for RAC.  We have put up a website that has many more details which I recommend that you read if you want to know more.



Question number 2 - Do I have to license Oracle for all of my vSphere ESX servers?  I have to be careful answering this question becuase I am not a licensing expert or a lawyer.  Further I'm commenting on another company's software licensing.  So I'm simply going to tell you what our customers have been able to work out in regards to this specific question around licensing.  We have many customers who have setup their vSphere environment so that all VMs with Oracle software running them are on a specific cluster.  The Oracle VMs never leave this cluster of hosts and so our customers have only licensed Oracle for that set of ESX servers.  There are other aspects of licensing, but this one was the question that kept comming up.



The concerns about performance were very few.  I spent most of my time talking about how to improve, optimize, or monitor performance. 



I also presented some early performance results of some testing I've done with Oracle RAC.  I'm still working on that testing and will be putting some blogs up on that soon.  It was fun to go back to OOW and I'm planning to return next year.