SAP announced today that they will work closely with VMware to Accelerate the Journey to Cloud Computing


Details can be found here:


So what does that mean for our customers ?


1.) Better support offerings:

As a part of this broader engagement, SAP and VMware expect to deliver  an extended support program by integrating a configuration and health  check for SAP systems running on VMware cloud infrastructure into SAP®  GoingLive™ Check services and SAP EarlyWatch® Alert service. Customers  should gain a better ability to monitor and manage their SAP systems  running on the VMware platform.

2.) Better managebility:

SAP also intends to drive a radical improvement in the manageability of  enterprise applications in private clouds by evaluating the delivery of  VMware vSphere®-based virtual appliances, orchestrated by declarative  models in the TOSCA language recently submitted to OASIS for  standardization. SAP, VMware and EMC plan to collaborate to develop new  automation and management tools that can interpret and execute the TOSCA  models provided by SAP.


Together with all the vsphere5 proof points and Benchmarks, now is the time to virtualize and prepare for the cloud computing journey.