Results: 4600 SD Users and 25150 SAPS* in a 2tier setup with 24 vCPU's



This is the largest 2 tier virtualized benchmark in history, and an excellent proof-point for:


  • VMware vSphere  scalability

  • Large  virtualized databases

  • Supportability  of large SAP systems

  • Extremely low overhead of just 6% compared to the same native System


Details on the SAP SD benchmark certificate :





We have created two Benchmarks on the exact same Hardware.

Virtualized: 1 VM with 24 vCPU's on 24 threads and 25120 SAPS*

Native: 1 Server with 24 threads and 26630 SAPS*


This  is the "worst case scenario" since the VM takes all the native  resources without additional resources for the Hypervisor and enables a one to one comparison, resulting in an overhead of only 6%.

With vSphere 5 even the most demanding SAP workloads are ready for virtualization.



We worked with Fujitsu to create a Benchmark report:


*SAP ECC 6.0 with EHP 4 on Fujitsu Primergy on SuSE Enterprise Linux 11 SP1, database was MaxDB 7.8.

SAP certificate 2011027 and 2011028