When using Update Manager to patch the vSphere hosts in my cluster I found that I had two hosts that would not update. The process would fail immediately with the following message:


Remediate Entry - There are errors durring the remediation operation.



After some Google and Community searches I didn't find anything that would help. Being stubborn and not wanting to place a service call, I decided to figure this one out on my own. I looked at the logs, but they gave the same message. Then I noticed that when I clicked on the Hardware Status tab for the host(s) in question that I would get a pop up box with a message - 'Hardware monitoring service not responding, the host is not powered on".. This was very strange, because my hosts were indeed powered on. Now there were some lingering posts about this. So after working on my hosts I was able to resolve both issues. Since this was the first time this happened in my environment I had to document the procedure to fix it, and here it is for you if you have the same issue: